FLOC’s Curriculum Focus Groups

Last week a small group of tutors participated in a focus group about the Neighborhood Tutoring Program’s Elementary Reading Curriculum. Tutors came together to discuss the strengths and weakness of the “Language!” program, as well as the “WordlyWise” and “Reading to Learn” Components. We are excited to begin making changes to the curriculum based on tutor suggestions for more fun activities, grammar guides, and writing resources. We are also looking to improve our curriculum tests.

It’s important to us to hear feedback from the people who use the curriculum most. We anticipate holding future focus groups to learn more about the Adolescent Reading Curriculum (Wilson), FLOC testing, and the new math curriculum.

Have feedback to provide on the curriculum? Let us know what you like or dislike. Contact the tutoring program’s Curriculum Coordinator, Kyla at kwasserman@floc.org.

(Kyla Wasserman is the Neighborhood Tutoring Program Curriculum Coordinator at FLOC).

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