FLOC Madness is here!

FLOC Madness is a yearly volunteer donor campaign run by the FLOC Champions Network.  It is organized as a friendly competition between volunteers (organized by program), with prizes (often from local businesses) and recognition (aka bragging rights) awarded to the winning team.  The winning team is the one with the highest participation rate.  FLOC Madness typically runs for 2-4 weeks with routine updates to volunteers via email.  Donation is easy and can be done online (note your program in the “Dedication” box) or in person (see FAQs below).

All donations are tax deductible and any amount is welcome!

FLOC Madness encourages volunteer giving to specifically raise the FLOC volunteer donor participation rate because volunteer giving is important for FLOC.  The metric is important as FLOC seeks funding and support for its programs.  It’s persuasive and empowering for an organization like FLOC to be able to tout not only its number of volunteers and the amount of hours volunteered, but also to be able to share that many volunteers donate to FLOC.  A strong volunteer donor participate rate sends a powerful message that FLOC’s volunteers are committed…that FLOC is an organization worth investing in.

FLOC Madness began in 2014.  During the first campaign we raised the volunteer donor participation rate to 25% from 10%; volunteers gave $2,895.  For FLOC Madness 2015 the volunteer donor participation rate unfortunately fell to approximately 13%; volunteers gave $1,635.  For each FLOC Madness Campaign, the FLOC Board has generously matched all donations, thereby doubling the amounts given by volunteers.

FLOC Madness 2016

FLOC Madness 2016 runs from Friday, April 1 through Saturday, April 30.  For this year’s campaign we’d like to raise the volunteer donor participation rate to 30%.  It’s a big goal but FLOC and its volunteers are accustomed to taking on big goals and achieving them.  Make your donation today – small or large, either is welcome – to help us meet our 30% goal!

FLOC Madness FAQs

What is FLOC Madness?

FLOC Madness is an annual volunteer giving program run by the FLOC Champions Network.  FLOC Madness encourages volunteer giving.  This is the third year of FLOC Madness.

How does FLOC Madness or volunteer giving help FLOC?

Well, your donation goes toward FLOC programs and administration, all of which helps FLOC’s students and scholars.  Just as important is that your donation looks good for FLOC when it approaches organizations and individuals for donations and other support.  It is very positive and powerful when an organization’s volunteers are involved not only by giving time, but are also so engaged that they donate money.  Your donation shows donors and supporters (such as foundations and local businesses) that FLOC has strong support and that its volunteers are committed.  This show of strong support and commitment makes it more likely for these entities to donate (or to become involved in volunteering too!).

Who runs the FLOC Madness Campaign?

The FLOC Madness Campaign is run by a group of volunteers (called the FLOC Champions Network) who’ve expressed interest in or have been identified by FLOC staff as being interested in working with FLOC staff on improving volunteer engagement.

How long is FLOC Madness?

FLOC Madness is usually a month-long giving campaign.

How often does FLOC Madness happen?

FLOC Madness happens every year, generally around the time of the NCAA’s March Madness Tournament after which it is modeled.

When is 2016 FLOC Madness Campaign?

FLOC Madness 2016 will begin on Friday, April 1, 2016 and end on Saturday, April 30, 2016.

What was volunteer participation before FLOC Madness?

When FLOC Madness began in 2014, volunteer donor participation was only around 10%.  FLOC Madness 2014 raised the participation rate to 25%.  For FLOC Madness 2015, unfortunately, the volunteer participation rate fell to about approximately 13%.  For FLOC Madness 2016, we’d love to reclaim our 25% rate and even exceed that with 30% volunteer donor participation.

How much money have the FLOC Madness Campaigns raised?

During the 2014 Campaign, the volunteer donors gave $2,895; in the 2015 Campaign, volunteer donors gave $1,635.

For each Campaign, the FLOC Board matched volunteer donations dollar-for-dollar so that the total amount raised by volunteers was doubled and then donated to FLOC: $5,790 (2014) and $3,270 (2015).

There will be dollar-for-dollar matching for FLOC Madness 2016.

Do I have to participate/donate?

No, you do not.  Participation in FLOC Madness is totally optional and is targeted at volunteers only.  Students and scholars are not being asked to nor required to make donations.  Matching donations from volunteers’ places of work are welcome.

If a volunteer knows of a company that wants to make a separate donation or is otherwise interested in supporting FLOC, please reach out to FLOC’s Director of Development, Latoyia Allen (lallen@floc.org).

Is a minimum donation required?

Online limitations require a minimum donation of $10 but you can give any amount in person using cash or a check.

How do I give money in person?

You give money in person by putting cash or a check in an envelope with your name and your program’s name on it and handing that envelope to your Site Coordinator.   You may also reach out to the FLOC Champions (champions@floc.org) to coordinate your in-person donation.

I already donated to FLOC this year but not during FLOC Madness. Will it count?

Yes.  If you’ve already given then please let the FLOC Champions know by emailing us at champions@floc.org so that your donation is counted toward this campaign and toward calculating volunteer participation.  If you prefer, you may also email Latoyia (lallen@floc.org) with this information.

How can I help with FLOC Madness 2016?

Encourage your fellow volunteers to donate! Donate yourself!  Email us at champions@floc.org to share any other ideas you have for improving FLOC Madness.

If you have a personal issue or other concern that you prefer to discuss with FLOC staff, you may reach out to Latoyia at lallen@floc.org.


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