Daughter’s of Liberty

FLOC’s virtual 4th grade ELA study group just finished up a project on the Daughters of Liberty, a group of women who staged protests leading up to the American Revolution. Our students had a great time learning about and re-telling this important piece of history. Here is their final project!

The Daughters of Liberty were mad. They fought for the tea. Here are a few of their stories.

In 1773, England decides that only one company can sell tea. They passed the Tea Act of 1773.

The colonists did not like the English tax on tea, and they did not want to pay for the tea.

Coffee was taxed too, and so the Daughters of Liberty went to the coffee merchant’s factory. At the merchant’s factory, they stole the coffee!

They wanted to take the coffee, and they wanted it at a lower price, so they can not pay that much.

The people that protested in the colonies made war in the colonies.

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