Career Shadow Experiences for High School Scholars

Sadiah, Meredith and Dominic at Maga Design.

Do you love what you do? Now’s the perfect time to share your passion for your job with a high school Scholar. Here at For Love of Children, we are working on putting together career shadow experiences for as many of our high school students as possible this spring and summer.

We have already been able to arrange a few very worthwhile experiences for students. One 12th grade student, Alem, went with volunteer tutor Brian Persse to the Peace Corps Headquarters in DC and learned more about international humanitarian work. Another two students, Sadiah and Dominic, accompanied tutor Meredith Kirchheimer to Maga Design in Adams Morgan. As our high school Scholars approach graduation and begin to think about potential colleges and career paths, the chance for them to see different fields and careers firsthand is invaluable. We would love to be able to provide this opportunity for every one of them, but we’re a little stuck on the following few careers/fields:


  • Journalism (preferably print)
  • Fashion merchandising
  • Art galleries
  • Music business
  • A judge
Brian and Alem at Peace Corps Headquarters.

If you or anyone you know works in one of these fields or may have another helpful connection for us, we’d love to hear from you! There’s a lot of flexibility around what this experience could look like—the student could visit one person the whole time, check in with several staff members at different times, get a tour of the workplace and have lunch with someone(s) to discuss their career path, or something else entirely. We’d work closely with you to put together the best plan for everyone. If you think you could help us out, please email We truly appreciate the time and energy you put in to making a difference in the lives of our students.

(Rachel Baxter is the Bilingual Recruitment and Outreach Assistant at FLOC).

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