Summer at FLOC

Summer at FLOC

For the past five weeks, our students became our campers at FLOC Summer Camp! Our summer camp combines academics and project based learning with exciting daily adventures and fun. With the city as their playground, campers enjoyed meeting new friends, creating memories, and exploring their interests every day. This summer we…

  • Created a safe and engaging environment for our campers 
  • Spent a lot of time having fun 
  • Fought against summer learning loss
Photo caption: Campers on a field trip at the U.S. Botanic Garden Conservatory
Created a safe and engaging environment

We had a dedicated group of camp counselors who ensured our campers were having a great time and being safe. Each camper had a designated camp leader that supervised them on field trips and facilitated camp activities. Within the first week, we saw how quickly campers and counselors developed bonds. Whether inside our building or out in the city, there was always someone around to keep everyone out of harm’s way. 

Campers doing arts and crafts
Campers taking a break from exploring downtown
Spent a lot of time having fun

Everyday was an adventure!

Each week had its own special theme, like FLOC rocks and enchanted forests. During these themed weeks, campers did special projects. For example, during Olympics Week, we created a flame in a bottle. During travel week, they created postcards for students in other countries and learned about different healthy food and snacks from around the world.

In addition to themed weeks, we also did field trips every week. The campers had such a blast taking the metro to their field trips and exploring some of the nation’s amazing museums. Some of their favorite stops were the U.S. Botanic Garden Conservatory and Watkins Park. At the Botanic Gardens, campers spent the day as plant explorers! On their visit to Watkins Park, they got to splash around at the splash pad. 

Our Executive Director, LaToya Clark, and campers enjoying field day
Students ready to begin their sack race
Fought against summer learning loss

Learning is always our top priority, even during the summer time! On average, 2.5 months of learning skills are lost over the summer. We’ve found that just 2 hours a week of learning in the summer can help prevent this. 

Students spent 90 minutes weekly on IXL, an online curriculum that helps with math and reading. They also had dedicated reading time for 20 minutes each day where they were able to browse our vast collection of books and choose one that they liked. In addition to online programs and reading time, we also did arts and crafts and group projects that gave our campers an opportunity to collaborate and learn with each other. 

Campers taking a selfie with programs team and camp counselors
Campers holding up their international food collage

It was truly a great summer and we can’t wait to host camp again. While we’re sad it has come to an end, we’re excited that we’ll soon be welcoming new and returning students to our after school program during the school year. 

Until next summer!

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