Our Programs

Too many children and youth in our community face a difficult road in school and in life.  An unacceptable number of public school students score well below their grade level on standardized reading and math tests.  Far too many drop out of school or graduate without the skills needed to advance to college and career.  Many will not be exposed to learning opportunities outside of school. 

Through years of experience, FLOC has found that when students are challenged academically and given high expectations, they can and do achieve at all levels.  Our programs include:

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Neighborhood Tutoring Program

This one-on-one tutoring program helps students in grades 1-12 achieve grade-level competency in reading and math by ensuring they achieve 100% mastery in one skill before moving on to the next. Read more

Scholars Program

The FLOC Scholars Program helps students in grades 6-12 and beyond to gain the skills they need to graduate from high school, pursue higher education, and achieve college and career success. Read more

Outdoor Education Center

The Outdoor Education Center facilitates healthy character development for youth and adults in a powerful outdoor classroom.  The facility and its staff also provide custom-designed retreats for outside groups. Read more